Sprüth Magers Berlin London

2016 Taipei Station, Taiwan, 'One Field to the Next', public unveiling in April 2016

2016 Musée du Louvre, Paris, 'Neither Appearance Nor Illusion', official inauguration in October 2016

2016 Bill Graham Civi Auditorium, San Francisco, 'San Francisco Arts Commission', Public unveiling in 2016

2016 Miami Beach Convention Centre, Florida, 'Located World Miami Beach', Public unveiling in 2016

2015 Krona Building, Kongsberg (Norway), 'A Monument of Mines', Public unveiling on November 20, 2015

2006 Arts Council Commission on Leathermarket Street, London, ‘A Last Parting Look (for C.D.)’

2005 Denver Convention Center Public Art Hotel Project,  Denver, CO, USA

2005 Edward Zorinsky Federal Building, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, ‘The Context of Construction’

2005 Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy, ‘De iis quae ad speculum et in Speculo’

2004 Parco d’arte ambientale La Marrana, Montemarcello, Italy, ‘Located World, La Marrana’

2001 Gannett Headquarters, McLean, Virginia, ‘In the Lair of the Skull’ neon text, 240 feet long

2001 Paul-Löbe-Haus (German Parliament), Berlin, (steel text in floor:102.2 x 8.9 meters)

2001 Ponte Vittorio Emanuele, Torino, ‘Doppio Passaggio (Torino)’

2001 Comune di Napoli, Piazza Plebiscito, Naples, ‘Ripensare il Vero’ (neon text from Benedetto Croce, 144 meters long )

2001 La Metropolitana di Napoli, Piazza Dante underground station, Naples, ‘Queste cose visibili (Napoli, per Ferruccio Incutti)’ (neon text from Dante Alighieri)

2001 Sapporo Dome, (initiated for the 2002 World Cup)

2000 amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research), Head Office, New York, ‘Guests and Foreigners (Corporal Histories)’

2000 Zeughaus, Hannover, ‘Leibniz Located (Exterior)’

2000 VGH Headquarters, Hannover ‘Leibniz Located (Interior)’. (A Leibniz millenium project in honour of Leibniz for the year 2000, supported by the VGH Versicherungen and the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung).

2000 Hiroshima Municipal Motomachi High School, Hiroshima. In honor of Kenzaburo Oé, 1994 Nobel Laureate and author of Hiroshima Notes.

1999 ISELP (Institut Supérieur pour l’Étude du Langage Plastique), Brussels, Facade, ‘Map With 13 Points’

1999 Parliament of the Region of Brussels, Entry Hall , Brussels, ‘Nothing Circled, Twice’

1998 Courtyard of Parliament Building, Stockholm, The Cultural Capital of Europe 1998, ‘Freedom and Belief (Their Own Affair)’ / ‘Freihet Och Tro (Det Flick De Sig Om)’

1998 City of Amsterdam, ten building facades, University of Amsterdam, ‘Located Text (Amsterdam)’

1997 Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Facade, Venice, ‘The Material of Ornament’

1997 Deutsche Bundesbank, Leipzig, Lobby floor, ‘Leipzig Laokoon’

1997 Queens Square, Yokohama, Atrium, ‘The Boundaries of the Limitless’

1997 Miyagi Prefectural Library, Miyagi, Facade, ‘Twice Defined’

1997 Hanazono University, Kyoto, ‘To Show, To Teach, To Know’

1996 City of Eindhoven, Train Station, ‘Spel van Advies’

1996 Universität Ulm, Strahlentherapie, Ulm, ‘Farbe Angewandt (Goethe, Ulm)’

1995 Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota City, Japan, ‘Taxonomy (Applied) #3’

1995 City of Lyon, TGV Station, Lyon, ‘Les Aventures d’Ulysse sous Terre’

1994 Railway Station, Stuttgart, ‘Beschriebene Maßnahme (Eine Widmung)’

1994 Tachikawa Site, Tokyo, ‘Words of a Spell, for Noëma’

1993 Universität Hohenheim, Hohenheim, ‘Ein Schiller-Labyrinth’

1992 City of Esslingen, Hammerkanal and Hammertunnel, Esslingen, ‘Ex Libris, Esslingen (For R.M.)’

1991 National Commission, Place des Écritures, Figeac, France, ‘Ex Libris, J.-F. Champollion (Figeac)’

1991 Railway Station, Ommen, ‘Taxonomy Applied #2’

1990 City of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, ‘Ex Libris, Frankfurt (for W.B.)’